The Importance of Understanding the Law When Dealing with Absences for Spouse / Partner Visa Renewal

It is up to the Home Office to decide whether you can renew your visa or not by referring to the law. As a result, when renewing these visas, it's in your interest to know and understand what the law says.

Many UK visas require you to ensure you are not absent from the UK for more than a certain number of days, if you intend to eventually settle in the UK. However, there isn’t an ‘’iron hand’’ limit for spouse and partner visas. In the same vein, it does not give you the freedom to stay out of the UK for long periods without having good and valid reasons.

If you refer to the immigration rules for example, to be successful with a spouse visa application, you (as the applicant) and your partner must have the intention to live in the UK together permanently. In addition to this, when applying for further leave to remain, or indefinite leave to remain, you must prove that you and your partner have lived in the UK. If for any reason there has been some absence from the UK, you would also have to provide these reasons and they should be good ones. In doing so, these reasons would have to go towards proving a continuing intention to live permanently in the UK.

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