New Fee Waiver for Family and Private Life Applications

It’s no secret that UK family visas are costly. The current fee for a partner visa stands at a whooping £1538, for people applying from outside the UK.

These high fees often mean family members are kept away from each other for unnecessarily long periods.

The Home Office has recently published guidance on fee waivers for entry clearance applications. This means that in some circumstances, people will not be required to pay the exorbitant fees.

The fee waiver is for people who are applying to enter the UK because of their Article 8 right to family or private life. As a result it will apply to applications under Appendix FM, as well as other Article 8 based applications.

Under the new guidance, it's possible to get a fee waiver for the Immigration health surcharge if a person can afford the application fee and not the surcharge. The positive news is the Home Office Guidance makes it clear that the fee waiver application will not necessarily affect the outcome of the visa applications.

Applying for the fee waiver

To apply for the fee waiver the applicant will have to either show:

  1. that they cannot afford the fee

  2. their income is not sufficient to meet their child’s needs.

This often requires applicants to gather sufficient evidence and put a strong case forward. We advise anyone considering this application to seek comprehensive legal advice. Should you wish to speak to one of our lawyers for free, you can contact us by clicking here

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